Grindstone Community

Engineering High Growth Entrepreneurship

About Grindstone Alumni Programme & Grindstone Community

The Grindstone Alumni programme allows our graduates to be an exclusive part of our robust community of entrepreneurs, corporates, funders, and ecosystem builders. And as our alumni base grows, we focus on guiding, connecting, and rewarding our alumni partners.Top Grindstone alumni who have successfully scaled or exited their business can become mentors to startups and scale-ups at different stages of their journey, paying it forward and contributing to the booming startup ecosystem that helped nurture their growth. 

Our Grindstone Community further connects existing cohorts, alumni, partners, stakeholders and global engagements in one place, where we can learn from each other by sharing Knowledge, build Networks, create access to Funding and Market opportunities to build the global economies of tomorrow through our focus on engineering high growth entrepreneurship.

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